“100 Data Innovations”

30 Jan, 2014

The Center for Data Innovation has released “100 Data Innovations,” which highlights innovative uses of data throughout the world.

Businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits in countries around the world are transforming virtually every facet of the economy and society through innovative uses of data. These changes, brought about by new technologies and techniques for collecting, storing, analyzing, disseminating, and visualizing data, are improving the quality of life for billions of individuals around the world, opening up new economic opportunities, and creating more efficient and effective governments. Policymakers can help support these efforts by fostering the development of human capital, encouraging the advancement of innovative technology, and promoting the availability of data itself for use and reuse.

The report provides a sampling, in no particular order, of some of the most interesting and important contributions data-driven innovations have made in the past year.

Illustration by ddpavumba at Free Digital Photos.net

Source: Center for Data Innovation

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