Nationwide Search for Onondaga County’s next Director of Economic Development

04 Dec, 2019

By J. Ryan McMahon II

Syracuse and Onondaga County is on the rise and open for business. The beauty, natural resources, and most importantly the economic potential we have as a region is no secret to those of us that live here in Central New York. Now the time has come to share that potential with the rest of the state, country and world. That is why I have launched a nationwide search for Onondaga County’s next Director of Economic Development.

When I took over as County Executive, I promised on day one to work with whomever I could to make sure all of our community, urban suburban and rural moves forward and thrives. While that certainly means our partners in local, state and national government, it also includes our partners in the private sector. Onondaga County is open for business and we are ready now, more than ever, to share all we have to offer and we will not sell ourselves short.

We are all in this together. No one has a monopoly on all of the good ideas. The old talking points have been thrown out the window. My administration does not ask ‘why?’ we ask ‘why not?’; we don’t offer reasons or excuses for why something cannot or did not happen, we do it. Bold, fresh and big ideas combined with a willingness and desire to collaborate is the type of thinking we need in our next Director of Economic Development and is what I’m looking for as we take Onondaga County and Central New York to the next level.

Aside from being a place that is ready to do business, Onondaga County offers an excellent quality of life. We have great schools, affordable housing, a vibrant urban core and a world-class parks system. We have abundant water, award winning infrastructure and nationally recognized universities just to name a few. In other words, we have the tools we need to be successful, we now need someone to lead our Economic Development office and make sure the rest of the state, county and world know as well.

My administration is accepting applications now and I encourage anyone interested in becoming a partner and playing a role in putting our community on the map as the place to do business, to send their cover letter, resume and any other materials they deem appropriate to

This is an exciting time for Syracuse and Onondaga County. Momentum is on our side and our opportunities are limitless.

Ryan McMahon II is the 4th Onondaga County Executive.

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