14th Annual BioManufacturing Capacity and Production Report and Survey

12 Sep, 2017

The 14th Annual Biopharma Manufacturing Capacity and Production Report is the industry’s most detailed, leading study of biotherapeutic developers and contract manufacturing organizations’ current and projected future capacity and production.

The report’s 476 pages of data-rich analysis will help improve decision-making in biomanufacturing operations, with in-depth analysis of capacity, production trends, benchmarks and more.

By the numbers

  • 227 biodevelopers & CMOs; US vs EU & global biomanufacturing
  • 131 industry vendors and direct suppliers of materials
  • 25 countries represented
  • 476 pages
  • 13 chapters
  • 200+ graphs and 28 tables
  • Subject matter experts providing analysis
  • 30+ independent sponsoring organizations

Report coverage

  • Biosimilars pipeline in development
  • In-depth analysis of key data, capacity, production trends and benchmarks
  • Budget trends and impact of current economic environment
  • Expression system advances
  • Downstream purification problems and issues
  • Current and projected industry bottlenecks
  • Capacity utilization and current production levels
  • How capacity bottlenecks are being resolved
  • Production trends and implications for industry
  • Outsourcing trends
  • International offshoring through 2021
  • Range of titres, growth
  • Disposables: Spending growth; downstream uses; L&E’s; reasons for increasing/restricting; budget increases; vendor satisfaction
  • Disposables: Compare innovators vs CMOs & US vs Europe
  • Batch failure rates & trends
  • Selecting a CMO – problems & solutions
  • Quality management & PAT implementation
  • Hiring and employment growth
  • Supplier growth rates

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