Mississauga’s Digital Service Squad helps Mississauga Main Street Businesses Go Digital

27 Sep, 2019

by Bonnie Brown 

Mississauga’s Digital Service Squad is hitting the streets of Mississauga starting this month, to provide digital support to main street businesses in Mississauga.

The Squad is part of the Digital Main Street program which aims to provide businesses with a competitive edge by assisting them with the adoption of digital tools and technology to grow their businesses.

Mississauga’s Digital Service Squad members are available to support businesses complete their digital assessments and plans to help them increase their digital footprint.  Assisting businesses in setting up an online store or developing social media campaigns are just some of the supports the squad members can help businesses accomplish through this program.  Digital Main Street also offers digital training to help businesses enhance their digital literacy.

The Digital Main Street program is delivered to main street businesses in Mississauga by the Economic Development Office’s Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre, in partnership with the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA), and the support of the Ontario Government.

The Digital Service Squad are making their rounds to visit main street small businesses in our city, to provide support and assistance to businesses interested in building their online brand until the end of this year. If you are a Mississauga main street small business owner interested in this opportunity with the Digital Main Street program, please contact their Digital Service Squad today.

For More information on doing business in Mississauga, Ontario please call 1-800-456-2181 or visit www.thefutureisunlimited.ca

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