Time to Prioritize the Nation’s Infrastructure

06 Feb, 2017

Today, Senators Charles Schumer (N.Y.), Tom Carper (Del.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.) unveiled a plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure. This follows President Trump pledging to prioritize infrastructure during his inaugural address and over the course of his presidential campaign.

Following is a statement from Sam Adams, U.S. Director, World Resources Institute.

“This proposal is a useful starting point to address one of the nation’s most critical issues – our aging and outdated infrastructure. The new plan shares similar goals to President Trump’s campaign pledge to improve U.S. infrastructure including a focus on transportation, clean water, a modern and reliable electric grid, and other needs.

“The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the United States a “D+ rating” for its infrastructure. It is crucial we get this investment right. The development of this legislation should be guided by criteria that ensures these investments stand the test of time and reduce pollution. America’s infrastructure needs to be resilient, energy efficient, and deliver return on investments. We also need to improve public transit to reduce the gridlock in America’s cities.

“If done right, investment in infrastructure can be a win-win for all Americans, regardless of political ideology. We look forward to seeing the administration’s proposal and ideas from others in Congress to respond to this urgent need.”


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