Aerospace Industry Association Increases Advocacy Efforts

15 Jan, 2018

The Aerospace Association of Michigan (AIAM) has increased their advocacy efforts in Lansing with the hiring of McAlvey Merchant & Associates.

“Our 600 companies understand that advocacy requires a consistent presence in Lansing, and the association knew that a strong partner was necessary,” said Tony Vernaci, AIAM president.

AIAM was recently formed to highlight the contributions that the aerospace industry makes to Michigan’s economy. In addition to talent attraction and development, representation at key aerospace events around the world, and networking among the numerous companies in Michigan, the AIAM is serious about bringing their key priorities to state government.

“We are excited to bring on a lobby firm with the experience and reputation of McAlvey Merchant & Associates to help us ensure that the aerospace industry’s voice is heard in policy discussions affecting our important industry,” continued Vernaci. “Policy makers are barraged daily with information on the many issues that affect Michigan, we have to insure our industry voice is heard over all the noise.”

McAlvey Merchant & Associates is a Lansing based lobby firm known for its in-depth knowledge of key public policy issues and the energy to successfully maneuver the inner workings of state government.  The firm celebrated its 20th Year in business in 2017.

“This is such an important industry to Michigan and the United States and we are ready to hit the ground running to tell the AIAM story to decision makers in Lansing,” said Jeff McAlvey, founding partner of the firm. “It is a high privilege to represent AIAM.”

Membership in AIAM is open to companies in the aerospace industry plus non-aerospace companies considering an expansion of their products and service into the industry. Membership information is on the association’s website at:


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