Community leaders re-igniting efforts to redevelop, improve north Baton Rouge

09 Jul, 2019

By Terry Jones

Excerpted by the Rouge. See the article  link below for the full story

Three years after North Baton Rouge voters raised taxes to support an economic development agency focused on the needs of that community, it appears poised to tackle the work in earnest.

Jerry Jones, appointed executive director of the Baton Rouge North Economic Development District late last year, has hit the ground running, amending the district’s mission statement and goals and working on putting together a comprehensive plan for the district.

He’s partnering with organizations throughout the parish to spur small-business growth while working to build stronger relationships between the district and both Southern University and Baton Rouge Community College. The objective is to help existing businesses expand and create jobs for people in the community.

It’s been a slow process getting to this point, though.

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