Free On Demand Webinar: Finding Common Ground

29 Sep, 2014

This webinar explores ways people can come together, listen to diverse perspectives, and make crucial decisions as a group.

Presented by the Center for Community and Economic Development,  University of Central Arkansas.

Malcom Glover

Malcom Glover

Learn How To:

  • Deliberate rather than debate community concerns
  • Use deliberation as a tool to connect with stakeholders
  • Make better group decisions based on communication strategies
  • Stimulate public action

Featured speaker is Malcom Glover. He is an award-winning journalist, certified conflict mediator, and educator who has traveled the world helping people solving problems.

Register and view at your own pace.

Want more in-depth training? Register for the face-to-face Community Deliberation Workshop on November 14 in Conway, Ark.

Illustration by Stuart Miles at Free Digital