Get Your Copy of “ForeSight 2025: A View of the Future of Work”

15 Jan, 2013

If you feel the rules have changed, that you can’t catch your breath and just as you step on stable ground a rug has been pulled from beneath you, you’d be right! In a short dozen years there’s been almost an unimaginable impact of unforeseen events in how we work, live, play and learn together. It’s safe to say more changes are on the way.

The book is a guide to learn what you will do, how you will do it, where you will do it and with whom you will engage. The “it” is your life within the context of a new normal in work. The authors have blended the best of Eastern and Western traditions to provide a roadmap not only for the what, but the how and most importantly the why of conscious action in building a sustainable world through your talent, a new workplace culture and framework of work expression.

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