How One Utility Solved its Biggest Customer’s Headache

20 Feb, 2014

When the power goes out, communities and businesses feel the impact. In Orangeburg, SC, the world’s largest ibuprofen plant was experiencing two to three significant outages a year, so they sought out a fix.

Download this case study written by Utility Dive and commissioned by Siemens to see the options considered, why each was eliminated, and how they got to their final solution.


            Grid reliability. Two to three significant power outages per year at Albemarle Corporation’s Ibuprofen plant in Orangeburg, S.C.


                        *Albemarle Corporation’s Orangeburg, S.C. Ibuprofen plant

                        *Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities

                        *Electrical Engineering Consulting & Testing

                        *Siemens Smart Grid division


Distribution automation: A fast bus transfer system that can handle more than two sources.

Illustration by David Castillo Dominici at Free Digital