Intermodal Facility Ramps up at the Port of Mobile, Ala.

30 Jan, 2013

The Alabama State Port Authority’s board of directors at its January meeting approved two measures that will bring the port’s new intermodal rail facility closer to reality.

The board authorized expenditures for the construction, inspection and testing for a rail access bridge that will connect five Class I railroads and the authority’s terminal railway to an intermodal container transfer facility (ICTF), a rail intermodal facility and the second leg of the authority’s Choctaw Point intermodal program.

The second measure extended Moffatt & Nichol’s engineering and program management through Fiscal Year 2013 for key components within the authority’s Choctaw Point project.

“The ICTF program is critical to servicing our regional market shippers, who have to rail their containerized freight longer distances at higher costs,” says James K. Lyons, director and chief executive for the Port Authority. “With this project, we can alleviate time and cost pressures on our customers, expand the container terminal’s natural market reach and provide an intermodal ramp for domestic shipments.”

The ICTF site is currently undergoing approximately $4 million in site stabilization work and the project had also received in 2012 a $12 million U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER grant to construct Phase I of the intermodal rail facility by mid-2014.

As a result of the second measure, Moffatt & Nichol will continue program management services for key components of the Choctaw Point projects, including the ICTF, site development work at APM Terminals Phase II container terminal expansion and the north tract of the affiliated logistics park.

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Illustration by anekoho at Free Digital

Compiled from Alabama State Port Authority’s press materials.