Port of Davisville Expands Barge Services, Welcomes Wind Turbines

29 Oct, 2018

In addition to its status as a Top Ten Auto Importer in North America, the Port of Davisville continues to expand its role in Rhode Island’s growing wind energy industry. A ship from Spain, bearing 33 wind turbine blades, was unloaded at the Port in September.

Each 200-foot blade took approximately 30 minutes to unload. The blades were stored at the Port before being transported to their final home at a terrestrial wind farm in Johnston, R.I. Additional equipment for the wind farm is expected to arrive at the Port this fall.

“As wind development increases, Quonset and the Port of Davisville will look to assist in any way possible,” said QDC Managing Director Steven J. King.

Other cargoes are on the horizon for Davisville, as well. U.S. Sen. Jack Reed announced in Spring 2018 that the Port of Davisville was selected by the U.S. Department of Transportation to be part of a new maritime highway initiative, joining the ports of Brooklyn, N.Y, and Newark, N.J. in operating a twice weekly barge feeder service for containerized cargo. This initiative will provide other cargo options for businesses that reduce transportation costs, reduce highway congestion and increase the overall efficiency of the national transportation system.

“These marine highway grants will help expand freight movement on the water and modernize our inland ports and waterways,” said Maritime Administrator Mark Buzby in a MARAD press release.

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