Security is Obstacle to Further Cloud Adoption

14 Jul, 2015

Redspin Report Finds Security Still the Biggest Perceived Obstacle to Further Cloud Adoption

Redspin, an Auxilio Co., has released its 2015 Cloud Security Spotlight Report. The 29-page report compiled in conjunction with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn identifies current trends in cloud computing adoption, cloud security risks, and solutions to those risks. It is based on a comprehensive survey of over 1,000 IT professionals conducted earlier this year and includes a broad cross-section of industries, company sizes and functional roles.

Cloud computing has become a part of nearly every CIO’s strategy with more than 70 percent of respondents either in the planning stages, actively implementing, or in production cloud environments. In healthcare, nearly 83 percent of organizations have adopted cloud computing in some fashion, according to HIMSS analytics. Yet nine out of 10 organizations surveyed are concerned about public cloud security and consider it a barrier to further cloud initiatives.

The survey also found that the most frequently cited method to closing the cloud security gap is the ability to set and enforce consistent cloud security policies. “IT security is a continual process of risk assessments, vulnerability management and mitigation, and re-test,” said Daniel W. Berger, president of Redspin. “Strong, durable security policies must be put in place and enforced whether data is in the cloud or not. Redspin’s consulting service can help organizations create cloud security policies and procedures that align with the business objectives.”

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Illustration by zirconicusso at Free Digital

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