States with the Most & Least Telework Savings Potential

25 Feb, 2015

From WalletHub

National Telework Week coming up on Monday, millions of Americans mired in debt, and climate change concerns threatening our national security, it’s worth pointing out that we could save more than $900 billion and prevent 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions – each on an annual basis – just by allowing more people to work from home.

50 million U.S. employees wish to do so, according to data from Global Workplace Analytics, and in order to help them determine how much they could save by working from home, WalletHub today launched a new Telework Savings Calculator that allows you to input information about your vehicle, your commute and the number of days you want to work from home in order to discover your personalized work-life balance.

States with the Most Telework Savings States with the Least Telework Savings
1 District of Columbia ($14,264) 47 Idaho ($7,666)
2 New York ($11,974) 48 Wyoming ($7,650)
3 Maryland ($11,725) 49 Nebraska ($7,578)
4 Massachusetts ($11,282) 50 Montana ($7,369)
5 New Jersey ($11,276) 51 South Dakota ($7,100)

National Average: $10,594 annually per person

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