Free Renewable Energy Education Curriculum

17 Nov, 2013

The National Farmers Union (NFU) recently released curriculum that will help students separate fact from fiction when it comes to renewable energy. This curriculum, developed by NFU, is available free to organizations, schools, institutions and businesses whose focus is to build cultural awareness and acceptance of renewable fuels. 

“Renewable energy is fast becoming a way of life for millions of Americans,” says Roger Johnson, president, NFU. The organization advocates grassroots-driven policy positions adopted by its membership, consisting of ranchers, family farms and rural communities. “Technological advances are delivering sustainable, reliable, and increasingly affordable sources of renewable energy. At the same time, Americans are curious about the economic and environmental costs of relying on fossil fuels.”

Lessons are available for use with students in high school grades 9-12, as well as separate lessons for both college and adult students. Each module contains three unique areas of focus, for a total of nine different lesson plans. The sessions are tailored to appeal to the specific audiences and use a variety of educational activities to engage students in the learning process. The lessons come with separate guides and resource sheets to assist teachers in understanding and implementing the curriculum.

Download the curriculum. To learn more about ways to use the curriculum, contact Maria Miller, director of education, NFU, at

The curriculum was developed with support from the Energy Foundation and the NFU Foundation.