Ballard Pacific Selects Port of Savannah, Ga.

05 Sep, 2013

Ballard Pacific Resources, the primary distributor of Hyper Bicycles, has selected the Port of Savannah as its gateway to the U.S. Southeast. The shorter transit times and lower costs through the port were cited by Clay Goldsmid, president of Hyper Bicycles Inc., as deciding factors. What’s more, the port’s private third-party logistics market was another factor. The port forms a distribution center hub, with more than 4 million square feet of local warehouse space available, with an occupancy rate greater than 88 percent. Hyper Bicycles has selected Matson Logisticsto assist in managing its expanded transportation and distribution services throughout North America. The company is a leader in producing high-end BMX Racing frames and components and has branched out into the mass market and specialty goods. The company has a design team located on the East Coast, a marketing operation in California and a high-tech logistics operation in Missouri.

Photo by Ian Hylands/Pinkbike for Hyper Bicycles