Ontario, Canada Proposes the Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act

03 Dec, 2013

Last month, legislation was introduced, which if passed, would eliminate coal-fired generation as a source of electricity.

The proposed Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act would ensure that once coal facilities stop operating by the end of 2014, coal burning generation on the electricity grid will never happen again. This would help ensure the public health and climate change benefits of ending coal-fired electricity are protected.

Protecting the environment while providing clean, reliable and affordable power is part of the government’s plan to invest in people, build modern infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate across Ontario.

Quick Facts

*According to an independent study, Ontario’s coal-fired power plants cost the people of Ontario an estimated $4.4 billion per year in health, environmental, and financial damages.

*Ontario’s elimination of coal-fired electricity is the single-largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in North America.

*Becoming a coal-free province is the equivalent of taking up to seven million cars off the road.

*Early coal closure at Lambton and Nanticoke generating stations will save the province’s electricity customers about $95 million through reduced operating and maintenance costs.

*Over the next year, Thunder Bay Generating Station will stop burning coal and will be converted to use advanced biomass, a fuel for electricity generation.

Learn more by visiting the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Illustration by SOMMAI at Free Digital Photo.net

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