Videos: Brush Up on Data Center Knowledge

16 Feb, 2014

With the data center industry continuously growing, it might seem impossible to keep up with all the information available. Today’s fast paced work environments and rigid schedules might prevent us from having the ability to take time off our busy schedules to travel and attend any essential lectures.

In order to facilitate data center education, Peter Sacco, president of PTS Data Center Solutions Inc., based in Franklin Lakes, N.J., has teamed up with data center expert, Dave Cole, to develop instructive and educational videos that cover many data center topics, such as fundamentals of data center power, data center cooling, data center operations and infrastructure management.

The mini-lectures give you the maximum dose of information in the shortest amount of time. This allows you to keep up with the most current information and the added benefit is that the lectures revolve around your schedule.

Learn more about the pricing of the courses, and sample a course.

Illustration by watcharakun at Free Digital

Source: PTS Data Center Solutions Inc.

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