Editor’s Notebook: Picking the Best Companies

05 Sep, 2013

Throughout the country there are unique and compelling initiatives taking place to expand the clean tech industry. Startups and entrepreneurs are looking for large markets, and access to talent and capital. Another advantage is locating in a cluster where the community and/or state have made the expansion of the clean tech sector an economic development priority.

Co-Working Spaces and Networks Grow Clean Tech Sector tells us no matter your niche in clean energy, partners, mentors, networks and capital are in place to make your success a priority.

Nearly every day, businesses leaders are encouraged to partner, collaborate and form alliances to ensure success, from a variety of vendors, media messages, etc. These are great tips when entering foreign marketplaces. In “Partnerships for Global Innovative Opportunities we consider the advantages of partnering and investing in innovation across borders, being on the ground floor for new developments that will be game changers. Management is encouraged to question the norms, consider nontraditional alliances and to think like a disruptor.

In the outdoors and recreation space, innovative companies are thinking as disruptors when producing apparel and manufacturing sporting goods. In The Great Outdoors is Good for Business site decision makers understand they don’t have to make an either/or choice between outdoor amenities and economic progress. “When I think about living in this beautiful setting and being able to produce really good products that can be enjoyed by others, I think of myself as living in heaven,” says Goose Kearse, president, Misty Mountain Threadworks Inc., located in Watauga County,  N.C.  The company makes recreational climbing equipment, expanding to tactical, pararescue and military customers.

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Are you looking for new a location to conduct business? Have you been conducting research, exploring various communities and the assets and advantages they can offer? Our 2013 directory of economic developers offers an easy to use, condensed guide to contacts at state and local economic development organizations.

They stand ready to assist you in navigating the local terrain and assisting in your success.


Rachel Duran

Editor in Chief

Illustration by Jeroen van Oostrom at Free Digital Photos.net

Rachel Duran

Rachel Duran is the editor in chief for Business Xpansion Journal. Contact her at rduran@latitude3.com.

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