New Approaches Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

21 Apr, 2013

Efficiencies in research and development continue to plague the biopharma industry as it works to develop and deliver drug therapies. There are several reasons for this, including a lack of cohesiveness when it comes to approaches to the clinical trials process. Companies have excellent processes but the approaches are disparate; industry-wide practices would assist in overcoming challenges.

In addition, promising biopharma technologies get stuck in the “valley of death” as pharma companies would rather explore new ways to use existing drugs as opposed to navigating the long clinical trials process to develop new therapies. Read “What’s in Store for Biopharma?” to learn about initiatives and organizations that are driving change in the industry.

An important player in driving the United States economy is the renewable energy industry. Wind energy represents a large market for wind power installations, and a growing opportunity for American manufacturing. “Wind Energy Industry Regains Velocity” says that uncertainties about whether the federal Production Tax Credit would be renewed for 2013 (it was) means it will take two-to-three quarters for manufacturers to take orders and catch up. However, the market outlook remains strong, with activities in locations such as Montana, Michigan and the states that comprise The Wind Coalition.

In a related topic, “going green” is a phrase often heard in corporate environments. Companies continue to embrace sustainable initiatives, such as producing less waste, creating healthy workplaces, increasing their interest in supply chains and product sourcing, among other concerns. Looking beyond legal compliance, successful sustainability practices create profits and competitive advantages when competing for talent and business.  The Bottom-Line Benefits of Sustainable Practices” outlines the win-win scenarios.

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While Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer believes her company would be best served by bringing staff back into the office from remote work sites, essentially banning teleworking, corporations continue virtualization efforts, embracing mobile workers. In “Should You Certify the Mobile Workforce?” the authors take a compelling look at the whys, hows and whats of certifying teleworkers. Are skills badges in your future?

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