South Carolina: 2AM Group Locating in Richland County

05 Sep, 2013

2AM Group, supplier of logistics, manufacturing and services to the auto, aerospace and marine industries, will establish a new production facility in Richland County. “South Carolina and its supportive governing officials have made all of our establishments and growth in the state very productive, and it’s extremely beneficial for us to continue to invest in the state,” says Artie Perry, president and CEO, 2Am Group. “

The company’s Blythewood facility will be the company’s 11th location overall and fifth in the state of South Carolina. The new operations began last month. The company, headquartered in Spartanburg, provides services to BMW, Daimler Van, Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes Benz. The company has received multiple awards from its clients, including Best in the World for warehouse management from BMW AG, and Best in Customer Satisfaction from BMW North America for two years running.  Learn more by visiting the South Carolina Department of Commerce

Illustration by digidreamgrafix at Free Digital

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