Texas Issues Electronics Industry Report

12 Apr, 2013

The Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism recently published a report on the state’s booming electronics industry.

Ericsson announced a $54 million expansion of its U.S. headquarters, located in Plano.

The electronics industry is an integral part of the Texas’ current, past, and future economic diversity. Texas, No. 1 in electronic exports, has been a leader in the tech industry since the 1950s and currently ranks No. 2 in electronics employment with 196,000 jobs. With recent expansion from companies like Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, and National Instruments, Texas continues to prove itself as an industry hub.

The Texas Electronics Industry report provides an in-depth analysis of recent growth, workforce trends, innovations, and the companies that drive the industry. With a data-driven focus on computer, telecom, semiconductor, and electronic instrument manufacturing, the report shows that Texas’ highly skilled

workforce, low-tax business friendly environment, large consumer market, and leading research universities, create an ideal location for electronic design and manufacturing firms.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor announced a $4 billion expansion in 2012.

Illustration by KROMKRATHOG at Free Digital Photos.net

Compiled from eblast press release issued by the office of Economic Development and Tourism.             

 Ericsson and Samsung photos courtesy of the Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism.

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