The Cloud Promotes Employee Engagement

04 Dec, 2014

In the modern workforce, many organizations ban or heavily police tech and cloud app use. Both are thought to distract employees, encourage risky IT behavior, and be detrimental to productivity. Those firms may want to reevaluate their strategies.

According to a new study by IT solutions provider Softchoice, today’s employees aren’t overloaded with technology—despite commonly held beliefs. In fact, it’s the employees with access to more technology and cloud applications who are the happiest and most productive.
Highlights of Tech Overload is Overblown: Cloud Apps & the Happiness Effect
• 74% of employees who use cloud apps are happy at work, compared to 19% of non-app users
• 85% of heavy cloud app users (6+) feel they have an optimal work-life balance, compared to 59% of non-app users
• 96% of employees who use 6+ cloud apps feel productive at work, compared to 77% of non-app users

The study demonstrates:

• How cloud technology promotes employee engagement
• Which industries are leading the technology adoption curve
• How cloud apps are key to an optimal work-life balance

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Illustration by ndjohnston / 123RF Stock Photo

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