IBM Creating 800 Jobs in Baton Rouge

01 Apr, 2013

Linking education to careers, IBM Senior Vice President Colleen Arnold (left), with Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana (right), launch a partnership to invest in advanced technology skills and job creation in the state.


IBM will establish an 800-job technology center in downtown Baton Rouge that will provide software development and software maintenance services to clients in the United States.

IBM Services Center: Baton Rouge is the result of an innovative, public-private partnership that will include expanded higher-education programs related to computer science as well as a major new riverfront development that will accelerate the revitalization of downtown Baton Rouge. The center will employ a broad range of college graduates and experienced professionals with backgrounds in computer science and other quantitative-intense fields, such as engineering, mathematics, and science.

IBM Smart Planet Cloud Computing.

The center will provide IBM’s clients in the United States with services that address the increasing demand for flexible software services to keep up with Big Data, cloud and mobile requirements that they are facing. The center will deliver technology services including application development, application management and system integration.

In addition to the 800 jobs that will be created at the center over the next four years, Louisiana State University estimates the project will result in approximately 542 new indirect jobs, for a total of approximately 1,342 new, permanent jobs in the Capital Region.

“This center exemplifies IBM’s longtime commitment to partner with local communities and academic institutions to develop the capabilities our clients need,” says Colleen Arnold, senior vice president, application management services, IBM. “Our global capability model is designed to address the broadest spectrum of client requirements, build and deliver advanced skills, while inspiring and sustaining the next-generation workforce that drives innovation.”

Governor Bobby Jindal says the “announcement is a game changer that will have a generational impact on Baton Rouge and our entire state. This project will continue to position Louisiana as a leader in the global technology sector as we are bringing in one of the largest, most successful, most innovative companies to create a first-of-its-kind software development center in Louisiana.”

The state of Louisiana will provide $14 million in funding across 10 years for expanded higher-education programs designed primarily to increase the number of annual computer science graduates. At least 65 percent of these funds will be provided for expansion of the Computer Science Division of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at LSU. The college plans to double its computer science faculty and triple the number of computer science graduates in five years, which will place the its computer science program in the top 10-15 nationally for the number of bachelor of science degrees in computer science awarded annually.

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Illustrations courtesy of IBM.

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