Feb-March 2014 Editor’s Notebook

21 Feb, 2014

Aerospace: A Tale of two Industries

In the face of uncertainties in the aerospace sector, particularly with defense and space-related initiatives, economic developers are getting creative in order to support their cluster companies as they adjust to federal budget cuts. An example includes decreasing business taxes.

On the other side of the coin we see the commercial aviation sector continues to thrive with no signs of slowing down. “Aerospace Embraces Expanding Spaces” also highlights the emerging darling of the aerospace sector: unmanned aircraft systems. These systems are being integrated into the national airspace courtesy of six FAA-approved test sites.

The “Immeasurable Potential of Unmanned Systems” says these test sites are a critical starting point to discover the potential of the systems beyond military uses, which represents the majority of safety and flying data available on these systems. Through the development of safety measures, industry guidelines and standards, the opportunities appear unlimited for unmanned aerial systems in the commercial and civic markets. As industry and states partner to expand and develop the young industry, they will truly be pioneers, shaping the direction of the industry.

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Much like unmanned systems are seen as revolutionary systems in transforming the aerospace industry, so too is additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing. While these rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies have been around for a couple of decades, it is only recently that innovations in hardware and software, as well as lower costs, have moved production efforts forward. “Building the Future of Manufacturing” says additive and digital (the next wave) manufacturing will be game changers in the manufacturing sector. Discover how new techniques and new thinking are revitalizing manufacturing in this country.

In “Thriving in the Urban Core” we discuss how thoughtful and well-planned redevelopment projects are breathing new life into economies and communities. Learn how new attitudes, community engagement and redevelopment projects are creating progressive, vibrant and sustainable environments that are attractive to startups and established companies alike. Additionally, find out how the redevelopments bring about business prospects not possible in the past because of barriers and limitations.

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