11 Feb, 2015


Street Address

Fitchburg Technology Campus – Phase II




Dane County

Type of Space


Min Size

56 acres

Max Size

56 acres

Master Site Plan – And/or site plan illustrating exact dimensions and number of parcels for the specific site being submitted for certification

  • 56 acre development features 23 developable acres remaining:
    • Lot 1: 1.61 acres (70,266 sq ft)
    • Lot 2: 1.50 acres (65,316 sq ft)
    • Lot 3: 1.69 acres (73,649 sq ft)
    • Lot 4: 2.56 acres (111,301 sq ft)
    • Lot 22: 4.79 acres (208,667 sq ft)
    • Lot 23: 4.75 acres (206,726 sq ft)
    • Lot 25: 5.93 acres (258,370 sq ft)

OwnershipEntire site must be wholly controlled by a single owner with documented willingness to sell to an industrial user

  • Owned by Ruedebusch Development (Carl, CEO, very knowledgeable)
  • All controlled by Ruedebusch
  • Certificate of Title submitted

Roadway access

  • South on Fish Hatchery Road from 12/18 South Beltline interchange. About 3.5 miles of good street access to the Beltline along commercial strip (mostly 4 lane)
  • 10.5 miles along 12/18 Beltline to I-94/39 interchange to the east
  • Access to the park is high-quality, well lit, and easily services the park
  • New US 14 interchange opened in 2014, providing access from the east

Rail AccessIf applicable / not required

  • Not applicable

Commercial Airport AccessAccess to airport(s) with commercial air service

  • Dane County Regional Airport on northeast side of Madison is 12.1 miles from the site (through Madison) and 17 miles from the site (around Madison) – less than 30 minutes in traffic (12/18 to US 51 north)
  • About 1.5 – 2 hours to Milwaukee Mitchell (90 miles)
  • About 2.5 – 3 hours to O’Hare

Freight Airport AccessAccess to airport(s) with freight air service

  • Same as above
  • Dane County Regional proposed as most useful for freight service from this location

Electric Utility InfrastructureProximate electric power infrastructure availability and capacities

  • ATC controls transmission and substations, MG&E controls distribution (and also owns generation assets)
  • 8-10 MW capacity available to the site today from two separate substations
  • ~1 mile SW to Oak Ridge substation served by 138KV transmission line and 2 37 MVA transformers; ~50% capacity; underground distribution to site
  • ~3 miles NE to Syene Road Substation served by 138KV transmission line and 2 37 MVA transformers; ~50% capacity; aerial distribution to site
  • 13.8kV transmission line with 8 MW capacity runs to SW corner of site
  • All underground service in the park
  • Coal, gas, wind, and some co-gen generation. Mostly coal, but new is gas or wind

Natural Gas Infrastructure Proximate natural gas infrastructure availability and capacities

  • 4” 60 psi line at Noble Drive entrance
  • Mostly just using for building heating (though Promega uses some)
  • Another 2” line along the north residential border area

Water and Wastewater InfrastructureProximate water and wastewater infrastructure availability and capacities

  • Water: 10” ~20 psi main at western site boundary and 8” ~20 psi main at northern site boundary are available to serve the site; both will be looped
  • Total system pump capacity is 6.9 MGD; current peak day demand is 4.2 MGD
  • 1,200 GPM water well serves the area; 500K gallon water tower serves the park (gravity fed in park); total system storage capacity is 2.25M gallons, currently ~60% utilized
  • Wastewater: 10” main stubbed at NW corner of the site, 8” main stubbed at northern site boundary; these two lines will be looped to connect the broader system, but the configuration is flexible
  • Site served by Woods Hollow Interceptor, available capacity of 720 GPM (peak)



Contact Information

Madison Region Economic Partnership

Michael Gay
615 E. Washington Avenue

P.O. Box 71
Madison, WI 53701-0071
–  608.443.1953

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