Plastic Ingenuity Inc. Expands in Maumelle, Ark.

25 Mar, 2015

Caption: An example of plastic tray packaging designed by Plastic Ingenuity Inc. for Wahl, a major manufacturer of personal and professional grooming clippers. Wahl wanted to differentiate the product from its existing line. They enlisted Plastic Ingenuity to design a new package that would display the trimmer and its accessories while looking significantly different from past designs. Photo:’s photo gallery.

Plastic Ingenuity recently announced it is expanding its facility in Maumelle, Arkansas. The company plans to invest $2.5 million in the facility and add 10 jobs, bringing total employment to 60 once the expansion is complete.

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Latchable food container.

The expansion will allow Plastic Ingenuity to increase production of their plastic food packaging lines. Plastic Ingenuity’s Maumelle facility produces a wide range of plastic packaging for the cell phone and electronics industry along with food packaging for convenience stores and grocery chains. Rigid food containers have one of the fastest growth rates among clear thermoformed packaging and has become one of the most recognized types of thermoformed packaging.

“Plastic Ingenuity is thankful for the continued support from the State of Arkansas and the City of Maumelle,” says Jess Mellenthin, plant manager, Plastic Ingenuity. “This expansion will allow the Maumelle facility to become a larger player in the rapidly growing food segment of plastic packaging. The added space and new auxiliary equipment will increase our efficiency and bring more work to central Arkansas.”

Twist and lock food packaging.

Twist and lock food packaging.

Plastic Ingenuity can design custom packaging to suit both the theme of the restaurant and the primary type of food served, thereby encouraging repeat business for both carry-out and in-store dining. The different components of Plastic Ingenuity’s clamshell packaging that can be customized include the hinges, the flanges, the formed closing mechanism, and the product location within the package.

For complete details, visit Maumelle Community and Economic Development and Arkansas Economic Development Commission.


Photos:’s photo gallery.

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