• WEST VIRGINIA: A Place to Grow

    WEST VIRGINIA: A Place to Grow

    Opportunities abound for business relocation and expansion throughout West Virginia. The state offers a thriving pro-business climate and economy, abundant resources including a first-rate work force, and several strategic advantages. ...........................................................................

  • NORTH DAKOTA: Opportunity Zone

    NORTH DAKOTA: Opportunity Zone

    Business incentives, government accessibility, and workforce performance, combined with North Dakota’s favorable position as one of the lowest cost states for operating a business, are driving top companies to establish operations in North Dakota. Energy offers some of the greatest growth opportuniti...

  • WYOMING: Natural Beauty, Abundant Resources

    WYOMING: Natural Beauty, Abundant Resources

    It’s hard to talk about economic development in a state like Wyoming without first describing its raw and natural beauty. Wide-open spaces, small rural communities and low population are just some of its attractive characteristics. Quoting from ouremptynest.net “The landscape is other-worldly, almost surr...

  • GEORGIA: Gateway to Prosperity

    GEORGIA: Gateway to Prosperity

    With seventeen Fortune five hundred headquarters, a workforce of over five million and 66 billion in tourism impact dollars, Georgia continue to flex its economic development muscle with no slowdown in sight. Key industries throughout Georgia are advanced manufacturing, aerospace, agribusiness, arts, autom...

  • ILLINOIS: Midwest Powerhouse

    ILLINOIS: Midwest Powerhouse

    According to the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity the state’s $693 billion economy makes it an international center for global commerce. Foreign Direct Investment accounts for nearly 251,000 jobs in the state, making up more than 5 percent of the private-sector workforce and rankin...


ALABAMA: Build, Nurture, Elevate

ALABAMA: Build, Nurture, Elevate

As global brands, homegrown startups and Fortune 500 companies have discovered, Alabama’s aim is to grow…



S.C. I-77 Alliance Announces

S.C. I-77 Alliance Announces

New Level of Local Data Access via Recruit v4.5

The economic development websites of the five…


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